My story – Who is 囵 Lun the Oracle

Revelations of the Heavenly Dragon

Some ask for my real name or country of origin, gender. Does gender means for the Oracle?

Oracle is human, doing rituals and extensive meditation in specific place to enter trance/connection to the Gods for answer. I’m modern Oracle of 天龍, the Dragon-God.

I have very strong, solid connection so it have gave me the Multipath of Heaven and is dictates the Book of Truth. So I have mission. But to the beginning….

… before I was born my parents couldn’t get child. My mom was nursed with hormones but it wasn’t successful. She was a Earth-Witch, her mother was a Witch,  my Father was Satanist, Mathematician and businessman, his aunt and her mother were Fortunetellers. So my mother prayed to the Moon Goddess, Hekate. Made an ritual with a wish… and so I came in to living. From firs memories I saw ghosts, had many dreams that have come…

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De dwergplaneet Ceres: something mysterious

Een ode aan de troubadour; kan en wil het niet anders zeggen; wil en kan het wel met meerderen delen.

Weblog van Chrétien Breukers

Over de dwergplaneet Ceres, Michel Tournier, Rembrandt van Rijn, onvatbare kunst en Billie Holiday

rembrandtGisteren las ik dit artikel, over de dwergplaneet Ceres die zich, alsof het een figuur uit een kinderserie is, van het ene moment in- en weer uit de plooi kan halen. Eerst zaten er kraters in en die zijn nu verdwenen: ‘Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, should be riddled with craters. But when NASA’s Dawn spacecraft started orbiting the dwarf planet last year, scientists were surprised to find it was relatively smooth. In a study published Tuesday in Nature Communications, researchers conclude that something mysterious must have erased the marks.

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